The 99%

Sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking, women and girls make up 99% of the sexually exploited.

Office of National Statistics

What is Human Trafficking? 

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, it is the moving of one individual to another place in order to trap them within the confines of slavery. Slavery is the trapping of an individual through the use of violence, fraud, or deception with the aim of exploiting them for financial or personal gain. Human trafficking can effect the most vulnerable in society, particularly those who are in difficult financial situations, or have found themselves without a social safety net. It could be due to many reasons that a victim may fall prey to a trafficker who can falsely lure them in under pretenses of security. This could be due to poverty, limited opportunities for work or social advancement in their place of origin such as a lack of education. Those living in areas with unstable social and political conditions, as well as economic imbalances and war are particularly susceptible to becoming a victim of human trafficking. 

Just How Bad is it?

At any given time, an estimated 40.3 million people worldwide are trapped in modern day slavery. The most reported cases fall under the seven following categories

  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Labour Exploitation
  • Domestic Servitude
  • Forced Marriage
  • Forced Criminality 
  • Child Soldiers
  • Organ Harvesting

According to a report by the United Nations, sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking. Women and girls make up 99% of the victims in the commercial sex industry. These women and girls often get trapped in a cycle of abuse as many victims can suffer from multiple forms of exploitation. Victims are often sold from one trafficker to another, and then forced into another form of exploitation. 

Why Now?

The United Nations Office also concluded that some of the measures that have been put into place to protect people from COVID19 by governing bodies, such as travel restrictions and lockdowns, have worsened the issues surrounding human trafficking. The result of the measures have driven traffickers further underground, and left victims with less access, or opportunity to get help. The pandemic has “exacerbated and brought to the forefront the systemic and deeply entrenched economic and societal inequalities that are among the root causes of human trafficking”; which results in a greater vulnerability to those in desperate situations. 

How Can I Help?

We are ‘New Tribe Pictures’, a group of young film makers, associated with The National Youth Film Academy, creating a short film, ‘Forgotten’, with the aim to bring awareness to the lives of victims caught up in the human trafficking trade. 

The story is set in 1976 London, a young drug addict finds himself caught in a human trafficking scandal involving the city’s elite politicians. He discovers a strong willed female detective, along with a young victim of the trade, are striving to expose the government’s secret trade of young girls to wealthy party donors. 

The film may be set in 1970s London, but the themes of our story are still as prevalent as ever.

You can support our film using the button below.

by Ciara McIlvenna

(Information and statistics sourced from Office of National Statistics)

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